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A Tribute to Your Changing Body

How has your body done it? All these years carrying you carrying your weight carrying your burdens shouldering your aches and pains bearing the brunt of your choices actions, decisions and indecisions. Shiny, abundant hair combed, coiffed, tweezed, shaved, and … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Quarter-Centurians

You’ve travelled from the orange of childhood passed through the lime-green of teenage-hood rites of passage completed and now, past adolescence, into the deep ochre of adulthood. Your book of life years old now dozens of thick blank pages open … Continue reading

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A Tribute to About-to-Retire Couples

Well hello! Welcome, Welcome! What’s your name again? He: It’s your husband, or don’t you recognize me? I know it’s been a few decades since  we spent weekdays together full days – just us. When we lusted for each other … Continue reading

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