A Late, Great Update On “Our Thoughts on Aging” Interview Project

Since the last update in August 2015, this project has moved forward slowly and greatly. The interviews are storied and they are now beginning to go through the editing process. I have almost finished writing my strand and it will be included among them. Writing my thoughts about my own aging and the experiences I had with dying and death has been powerful in ways that I did not foresee, could not have foreseen. It is all coming together in a book of our collective experiences and stories, one that I hope will be moving, compelling and resonant.

After reading over the many interviews, I realized that there was a list of over 170 things that the interviewees said they appreciated about aging, what they learned as they grew older that they didn’t know when they were younger. The collective list is rich with lived experience and the kind of wisdom that reveals itself through the voices of many, with universal themes and ideas that have been condensed into beautiful quotes. Now I am collaborating with a couple of artist-designers to create greeting cards with original artwork and a striking poster which will be available on my upcoming, new website.

In a few weeks I’ll be travelling to meet some of the interviewees in person, for the first time. I can hardly wait! This is not the regular way to meet someone, having a deeply personal conversation on the phone about taboo topics and collaborating online for years afterwards. And now we will finally meet. It feels to me like a reunion, a very meaningful one.

This project is continuing to unfold and expand in ways that I do not know. I’m enjoying each moment of the process and welcoming the uncertainty with open arms.

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1 Response to A Late, Great Update On “Our Thoughts on Aging” Interview Project

  1. Katherine says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your contributions to the project! I’m sad my interview won’t be included – I’d have welcomed you here in Ottawa! The tulips are out and it’s beautiful!

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