Our Thoughts on Aging: December 2013 Update

The interviewing phase of “Our Thoughts on Aging” project is now complete. Originally my dream, goal and intention was to complete 100 interviews. That was back in Summer 2010 when I had no idea what it would take to recruit even one participant and complete one interview on this topic.

After three years of promoting the interview project, seeking out volunteers to participate, transcribing each interview, giving every interviewee time to edit and send it back to me, I realized that completing even one interview a month was quite optimistic. By the time three years passed and 30 interviews were completed, I made the decision that thirty was sufficient, fruitful and plentiful.

Now the interview project has moved into the meaning-making phase. In this reflective space, I decided to move the interviews to a concealed place. All 30 interviews are still on-line just not visible — for now they are tucked away in a safe place while I spend time reviewing them. The interviewees and anyone with whom they want to share their thoughts can access their interview with a special password. Otherwise they are being kept private for the time it takes me to explore and dig deeper into them.

What will be created from the results of this project and the thirty interviews is still unknown. Perhaps some kind of book, a film, a tool, perhaps something creative, perhaps something entirely else. Any suggestions are welcome – what would You like?

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement, curiousity and love. It’s deeply appreciated.

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