A Tribute to Your Changing Body

How has your body done it?
All these years
carrying you
carrying your weight
carrying your burdens
shouldering your aches and pains
bearing the brunt of your choices
actions, decisions and indecisions.

Shiny, abundant hair
combed, coiffed, tweezed, shaved, and blown,
till it starts to become mousy grey, thin, recede,
till it starts look wise
only then you look wise.

Smooth, dewy, fresh skin
cleansed, exfoliated, and masqued,
till it starts to become lined, marked, sagged, tagged,
till it starts to show evidence of years on earth
with its joys, sorrows, loves and struggles
till it starts to look experienced
only then you look experienced.

Smooth, toned, tight muscles
exercised, stretched, strutted, lusted,
till they start to become soft, weak, pudgy
till they start to call your attention
to your physical and mental strength
only then you look resilient.

Straight, dense, strong bones + joints
walked, jumped, moved, ambulated,
till they start to become compressed, porous, arthritic
till they start to feel full of steps lived
only then you look full of steps lived.

Sharp, clear, open ears
listened, heard, and processed,
till they start to become muffled, impaired, even deafened,
till they start to listen for what’s important
only then you listen for what’s important.

Stable, easy, tiny weight
grown, dieted, heavied, and leaned,
till it starts to become uncertain, fidgety, sensitive
till it starts to connect to your wholeness
only then you connect to your wholeness.

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