Springtime Growth

There is something special about springtime.  Maybe it’s the longer days, the warmer air, the buds and blossoms starting to bloom, or that feeling of unfurling from our winter cocoons – there is a surge of life and energy that is expansive, hopeful, and inspiring.  It’s a powerful reminder of the cyclical nature to the ebb and flow of life.

Springtime Joy

Similar to the spring blossom is the desire in human beings to grow, to stretch ourselves and seek out inspiration in the springtime.  It’s also a wonderful time, that is, a time to wonder fully and imagine.

With life’s complexities and uncertainty, springtime offers us a moment to pause, to enjoy, and to find pleasure in the beauty that surrounds us.

Doesn’t it seem easier to make a change in the springtime? Don’t you find it easier to:

–          see the positive side of situations

–          connect with people and get together or network

–          take new risks

–          exercise more (take care of yourself)

–          enjoy the fresh air and nature (connect with your spirit)

–          spend time doing enjoyable activities

Well all of these are also strategies that are recommended when we’re going through a transition and are key to growing our sense of resilience, so is it any wonder that making a change seems easier to do in the spring?

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